Project: Wooden American Flag

Project: Wooden American Flag

4th of July will be here soon and we decided to make a wooden American flag to help celebrate the holidays.  The process is easy and didn’t require much. We used 1x2x6 poplar from Sutherlands.

The flag is 3 feet wide, so for 13 bars we need 7 pieces of 6′ poplar.  We picked up a few extra pieces to secure the flag together.  This Irwin clamp held everything nice and snug for the next step.

Ideally, we would have put glue between each poplar board to add strength but this is not a project that will be supporting weight.  We just plan to set it outside.  What we did do is glue 2 boards against the back side and then use 1 1/4″ brad nails to secure them into place.

Shop Class Dad gets to use the nail gun.

Just to be sure everything would stay together we put an extra piece of scrap wood in the middle.  It probably was not necessary but this way we get to play with more glue and use the nail gun again.

Now, we flip it over and it’s time to paint!  We found red and white latex paint, but went with blue spray paint due to that being the only blue paint available in-store.

The stars were the difficult part.  It would be great to use a stencil, but they are expensive and in the spirit of improvising we used a plastic star that our 2 year old has in his toy box.  Using that as an outline and filling it in was a little time consuming, but in the end it was worth it.

The wooden American flag, representing the original 13 colonies is all finished.  Now we can go buy a bunch of fireworks and we’re all set for the 4th of July!

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