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Working with wood & tools

Working with wood & tools

We’ve stumbled upon the 4-H Wood Science series and wow, what a resource for parents and children alike!  Regardless of your age, if you are new to woodworking, we feel you will find this an excellent resource.  There are instructions and pictures of how to measure and mark, saw boards, drive and pull nails, sand wood, build things and use glue and finishes.

There is too much to list everything here, but for example we learn about using coping saws:

The publication mentions the various ways to use a coping saw.

Elsewhere we learn to sand with the grain.

Sanding with the grain produces a flat surface.

Also we learn about driving and pulling nails.

Nails are ordered by “penny” size.

There are also beginner projects listed in the book.  Creating a sandpaper block, a letter holder, stilts(!) and a rabbit puzzle, among other things.  We at Shop Class Kids don’t care about your age, if you are a beginning woodworker, this free publication is an excellent place to start!