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Fix a loose power outlet

Fix a loose power outlet

If you have a power outlet that is a bit wobbly, we can help you fix it.  At most it should take you 2 minutes.  Join us as we tackle this easy fix.

Every once in awhile you may come across a power outlet (also called a duplex receptacle) that is loose.  When you plug something the cover plate will move back and forth a little bit.  If you’ve never taken a cover plate off before then your first instinct may be to tighten the screw in between to the two plugins.  DON’T DO THAT!  You could overtighten it and crack the plate!

Step 1 is to remove the screw.

There should be 1 screw at the top and 1 at the bottom.  DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREWS ON THE SIDE!  Eventually we’ll show you how to swap it out for a different outlet (maybe one that also has USB ports) but for now don’t worry about anything other than these screws.

Step 2 is to tighten the top screw and then the bottom screw.  That really is all there is to it.


Then reattach the wall plate and you are all done!  No more loose power outlet.  This is a very basic repair, but we all have to start somewhere. In the future we will get into more complex repairs.